Candles The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering Candle

How To Make Amazing Candles

Make yourself attractive, nicely scented candles in minutes!

Learn how to use simple materials that are fairly cheap and often... read more

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Product Features

  • MEDIUM: Perfect for making your own candles with diameters opening less than 2,5 inches; Medium wicks 6 inches long (152,4 mm); Base (Tab) Dia:0.51 (12,5mm); Are easy to cut down to the size you want. CAN BE EASILY STRAIGHTENED AND WON'T BROKE.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & NATURAL: Made of 100 % cotton. Little to no soot, non-toxic and biodegradable. PARAFFIN-FREE, CONTAINS NO LEAD, ZINC OR OTHER METALLS;
  • NO SMOKE & NO BAD SMELL: Wicks pre-waxed and tabbed; Coated in soy wax; 27 cotton threads, Burns longer, well & safe, the flame is LARGE & STABLE. Candle flame length is about 0,8 (2,7cm);
  • WIDELY USED: Works with any kind of wax (paraffin, soy, palm wax, beewax etc).Have a good burn stability that works well in votives, containers and pillars. Works best in soy blend wax. Can be used in all types of candle systems;
  • Wicks STAY FINE EVEN AFTER YOU POUR WAX ONTO THEM AND WON'T FLOAT. NO STICKERS INCLUDED!; Use hot glue to stick the wick to the bottom of jars - stick the wick in a straw, dab the bottom with hot glue, press the straw on the bottom of the jar!!! ENJOY!!

Product Description

How To Make Amazing Candles

Make yourself attractive, nicely scented candles in minutes!

Learn how to use simple materials that are fairly cheap and often free, to make candles from home or wherever else you may be. The lessons in this book are straightforward and the book talks of materials that you come across in the course of your everyday work. It is fascinating to learn how things you carry for specific purposes while on a picnic, camping or other travel can end up becoming the main ingredients in your candle making process.

This goes on to show that you do not have to panic any time your normal lighting becomes problematic or if ever you ran out of fuel. For instance, learning that certain berries or cans of beef can becoming the basis of your candle lighting, is nothing short of amazing. Yet that is precisely what this book teaches you in a clear and simple way. In addition to that wealth of information, you will also be pleased to see how much of cost cutting you can do while making your life comfortable and interesting.

By the time you are through reading this book, you will have gathered enough skills to enable you make beautiful and long lasting candles within minutes. What is most interesting, however, is how you will be able to recycle material instead of throwing it away; things like used candle stubs, used vegetable oil and many other materials

Why You Must Have This Book!

>In this book you will learn how to make candles cheaply.

>This book will teach you how to recycle used candle stubs to make new candles.

>In this book you will learn how to use certain berries to make candle wax.

>This book will guide you step by step in the methodology of making candles.

>This book will teach everyone that creativity goes a long way in helping you make yourself candles.

>In this book you will learn what you can do if your camping lamps ran out of fuel.

>This book will help you to improvise and use other local materials in place of the conventional candle wax.

>This book will teach you how to keep safe while making candles.

>This book will give you a detailed explanation of how to make candles both for lighting and for aesthetic reasons.

What you’ll Discover from Candles

* Learning other uses of candles besides lighting

* Learning how Bayberries produce candle wax

* Learning how to make your own candle wicks

* Learning what used items you can recycle and make candles

* Being able to produce cupcake candles cheaply, creatively and fast

* Being able to making fascinating votives in a short time

* Being able to save on lighting and decorating by making customized candles.

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