Deluxe Candle Making Kit Supplies with Glass Bottle

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
We offer a 90 days money back guarantee.

Quick & Easy to Use with 4 Steps:
1) Cut bottle with cutter tool (instructions included)
2) Melt... read more

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Product Features

  • COMPLETE CANDLE MAKING KIT- includes everything needed to easily make your own premium fragrance candles out of bottles! Kit includes: (1) bottle cutter, (2) 1LB of 100% Natural Soy Wax, (2) 1 oz premium fragrance scents, (4) Pre Wicks + (2) Bow Tie Holders, (1) Easy Read Thermometer & (1) 1lb Pouring Pot Pitcher.
  • TRANSFORM WINE BOTTLES INTO CANDLES- we are revolutionizing the DIY candle making hobby by including our unique glass bottle cutter kit which is designed to easily cut the bottlenecks off old wine or beer bottles! Simply use the bottle cutting device to score/separate the bottleneck, then use the included sandpaper to sand the edges smooth and it is ready for wax pouring!
  • SAVE MONEY, BE GREEN- not only will this kit allow you to save money on buying premium candles, but it will also save money without the need to buy candle containers while making you a super useful, creative and green conscious person. You will be surprised how fun it is to make and how good old wine or beer bottles look.
  • FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH MIND CALMING SCENTS- our secret ingredient to amazing candles is two of our popular, highly-concentrated fragrance oils: Creamy Vanilla and Pure Lavender. These included premium fragrances will leave you home smelling wonderful and produce a calming effect known through science experiments.
  • GREAT GIFT or SOCIAL HOBBY- soy candle making is a hot trend which makes a great gift for anyone that likes candles, wine, or crafts! It is also a great nobby for social gatherings with friends or to spend quality, fun and productive time with loved ones. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - please contact us if you are not satisfied or if there is anything wrong.

Product Description

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
We offer a 90 days money back guarantee.

Quick & Easy to Use with 4 Steps:
1) Cut bottle with cutter tool (instructions included)
2) Melt wax in included pitcher and add fragrance oil
3) Align wick in center with holders
4) Pour wax in cut bottle and allow to cool

Premium, High Value DIY Candle Making Kit
Our goal is to provide the best product for a lower price tag. The kit includes highly-scented, popular fragrances, & 100% natural vegetable soy wax.

Better Candle Making Experience
✓ Candles don't have to be wasteful, uncreative decor. Say goodbye to buying expensive candles or candle containers.
✓ You'll actually enjoy making amazing DIY candles by upcycling them out of old wine or beer bottles with this easy to use candle making kit.
✓ You'll feel like a super useful, creative and green-conscious person as you make beautiful smelling candles for your home, or give as gifts for the holidays!

Bottle Cutter Tool Kit
2 LBs of Soy Wax
1 oz Vanilla Scent
1 oz Lavender Scent
4 Wicks
2 Wick Holders
Pouring Pot Pitcher
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