Gribouillis Soy Candle Making Supplies Kit Complete Starter

Start this addictive hobby and fall for your own fancy scented soy candles!

Wonderful as homemade gift or as gift set for any occasion!


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Product Features

  • 📍 COMPLETE SOY CANDLE MAKING KIT: Each item has been thoughtfully selected, and each set includes everything you need to make 3 chic candles: 1.5 Lbs of 100% natural soy wax, 3 luxury glass candle jars with 1 electroplated rose gold and 2 wooden lids, 3 unique customizable labels, 3 scents of pure essential oil, 4 dye colors, 6 pre-tabbed wicks, 6 glue dots, 3 centering devices, 3 warning labels, 1 double-boiler pot, 1 thermometer, and detailed instructions
  • 📍 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We are obsessed with quality ingredients and sturdy tools, and your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We offer a no-questions-asked REPLACEMENT or REFUND POLICY should you be unhappy with your purchase for any reason. Simply contact us for a timely, stress-free support to rectify any issue, or for a full refund within 120 days of delivery
  • 📍 100% ESSENTIAL OILS: NO SYNTHETICS, NO FRAGRANCE ADDED. JUST NATURAL, PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. Our selection of classic but addictive and restorative scents: Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass. Our editorial selection of 4 DYE COLORS: Teal, aqua, grey, and red (we are fans of subtle colors, but we have included one red dye for the special occasions =))
  • 📍 SAVE ON AND MAKE YOUR OWN FANCY CANDLES: Candles can be easily cooked up in any home kitchen! So stop spending on (or yearning for) expensive candles, and start hand-pouring natural soy candles in your own favorite colors and scents, in contemporary jars with unique classy lids and customizable labels. Make, impress and share with loved ones, or hide and indulge yourself!
  • 📍 GREAT FOR BEGINNERS, FAMILIES, OR BUSY PROFESSIONALS: An 1-hour activity (or less). Step-by-step instructions for a first or nth candle making experience. This kit allows anyone to spend offline, therapeutic time with family and friends, while filling the space with addictive scents and glow of handmade candles!

Product Description

Start this addictive hobby and fall for your own fancy scented soy candles!

Wonderful as homemade gift or as gift set for any occasion!


📍 1.5 lbs of 100% natural soy wax
📍 3 x 0.5 oz bottle of pure essential oil (scents: lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass)
📍 4 x 1 g of non-toxic dye: teal, red, sage, grey
📍 8 oz candle jar: black frosted glass with electroplated rose gold lid, customizable label
📍 5.6 oz candle jar: frosted glass with tall light wood lid, hanging customizable label
📍 5.6 oz candle jar: frosted glass with flat dark wood lid, minimalist label
📍 6 x 5.9 in pre-tabbed cotton wicks
📍 6 x glue dots
📍 3 x centering devices
📍 3 x warning labels
📍 8.8 oz stainless steel double-boiler pot*
📍 1 thermometer**
📍 Detailed instructions
❗NOT INCLUDED: stirring stick, saucepan

*Please note: our double-boiler pot makes only one 8 oz candle at a time, but you may use a larger pot to melt more wax at once
**The digital thermometer has been replaced by a clippable bimetal one for an improved manipulation!


Soy wax is an eco-friendly candle making alternative and is only derived from natural and renewable resources. It also burns slower and cleaner than traditional wax!

The properly made 8 oz jar candle provides approx. 40 hrs of burn time, and the 5.6 oz jars approx. 25 hrs each.

All jars were meant to be reused, so please enjoy them again and again!

And yes, most of the included items have been made and assembled in Shanghai, PRC (except for the French lavender and Indian lemongrass oils), but each item has been meticulously selected from serious professional suppliers, and we set strict quality control standards. Nonetheless, we are also local business supporters, so be sure to check out the Made in USA Candle Making Set by Gribouillis! more

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