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2.0 out of 5 stars Inferior. I've had much better candles than these., February 6, 2018
Lucky Day
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I bought three 3-packs and all nine candles have warped bottoms. In a candle lantern, such as the single UCO model, without flat bottoms the candle never has a chance to finish burning to it's last 20% without melting unevenly and dripping inside the lantern, making a huge mess. Some of the candles themselves are warped along the shaft. I have to throw away the last 25% of the candle before it drips melted wax into the interior.

May be decent candles if you're going to melt the bottom and stand it on a plate, but for me they're useless in a UCO candle lantern, and therefore, I wouldn't buy this brand again. The candles that came with my original Candle Lantern brand lantern were perfect, but these are quite different. Maybe I'll have to try the over-priced bee's wax type to get good quality.

One last comment: these candles are rated for a 9 hour burn time. However, having to dispose of the last 20-25% brings that figure down to roughly 7 hrs. Yet I have UCO tea... Read more

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1.0 out of 5 stars Amazon fakes?, October 17, 2018
todd torres
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On the right are UCO candles that I’ve been buying and using. On the left are the candles I received from the UCO amazon store. See anything weird? They appear to be heated up and squished cheap candles to try and fit my candle lantern. It’s obvious the wax will drip down the sides since they don’t fit flush at all. I thought I got duped by fakes but this is from UCO. Interesting. Sending back to amazon. Looks like I’ll keep buying them from a local outdoor store so I actually know what I’m getting.

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3.0 out of 5 stars Something changed- these are not as good!, October 8, 2017
Tom D.
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I have been using UCO lanterns for years with great results. I have purchased bulk candles before because I go thru them quickly. This batch was not packaged the same as my previous order. The previous batch was multiple 3-packs in the normal retail packages. This batch was just 20 candles thrown in a box. They do not work as well as the ones I have used before. They fit correctly, but tend to get stuck in the tube. Also, wax tends to drip down all over the base of the lantern (inside, they don't drip outside of the lantern body. I have been throwing them away once they burn down to about 1 or 1.5 inches. I used to let them burn all the way until no wax is left.

Not sure what changed, but these are not as good.

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